Dyestuff & Auxilliaries

We have been associated with the Textile Industry in Nigeria since 1981 and have been supplying most of their raw material inputs other than cotton.  These inputs count for 25-35% of the cost of finished textiles.  We are also manufacturing several textile auxilliaries required for sizing, pre-treatment, bleaching, dying, printing and finishing of textile materials.

Few of the major products we supply to the textile mills in Nigeria are:


-Acid Dyes

-Azoic (Napthols/Fast Base/Fast Salts)

-Basic Dyes

-Direct Dyes

-Disperse Dyes

-Ingrain Dyes

-Modified Basic Dyes

-Solvent Dyes

-Sulfur Dyes

-Reactive Dyes

-VAT Dyes

Dye Intermediates:

-Wide range of Dye Intermediates







-Chrome Pigments

-Fluorescent Pigments

-Inorganic Pigments

-Metallic Pigments

-Organic Pigments